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Breast Shape Deformity and Revision Surgery

Repair of Bad Scarring and Breast Shape Deformity

Article and Photos by Dr. Tom Pousti

This 37 year old patient from Canada found Dr. Pousti when she and her husband were looking for the best plastic surgeon for her breast augmentation revision. She had previously had breast augmentation surgery performed by another surgeon but had “implant exposure” and had to have the left breast implant removed. After 6 months-1 year, she underwent augmentation of the left breast but had very poor results.

Breast Shape Deformity Photos

As you can see in the picture, the patient had scar tissue that changed the shape of her left breast. The patient did not like the deformity and wanted to get it fixed but couldn’t find a surgeon who felt comfortable operating on her.

This patient wanted the area that was scarred down corrected as well as her breasts lifted (mastopexy) and much larger implants. Dr. Pousti discussed the potential risks of mastopexy surgery with XL breast implants and suggested to the patient that they proceed in 2 stages.

The first surgery would be to correct the scarring of the left breast and to perform mastopexy surgery (keeping the patient’s current implants in place).

Breast Scarring Deformity

In the operating room prior to revisionary breast surgery.

Breast Shape Deformity Repair

In the operating room immediately after breast revision surgery.

Breast Implant Deformity Revision Results

Breast revision surgery we parformed by Dr. Tom Pousti.

Shortly after Breast Deformity Revision Surgery

A few days after her first surgery with Dr. Pousti

Breast Deformity Revision Results

7 months post-op breast lifting and breast deformity repair surgery

Breast Deformity with Breast Implants Repair

Before Surgery

After Breast Deformity Revision Surgery

After- look at the beautiful results (especially on the left breast where the scarring was previously).

Before Breast Scar Deformity Repair

Showing the scar tissue

After Breast Scar Deformity Revision Surgery

The scarring is removed and the shape of the breast is beautiful.

Redo to go Larger

Before second procedure of replacing breast implants with larger overfilled saline breast implants.

The patient returned 7 months after her initial mastopexy surgery to have her breast implants removed and replaced with overfilled saline breast implants. To achieve the results she wanted, Dr. Pousti used 800cc saline breast implants and overfilled them to 1200cc on the right side and 1250cc on the left side.

Larger Breast Implants - Revision/Redo Surgery

After Redo to go larger

After second procedure of replacing implants with larger overfilled saline breast implants.